Shutter Management Plugin

This plugin allows you to more easily manage the position of your shutters according to the position of the sun. This plugin is completely cloudless

You can find here an article showing an example configuration of the plugin

Plugins configuration

Nothing special here just to install and activate the plugin

How it works ?

The plugin will adjust the position of your shutters relative to sun positions (Azimuth and Altitude) depending on condition.

Configuration of the shutters

The configuration is broken down into several tabs.


You will find in the first tab all the configuration of your equipment :




The conditions table allows you to specify specific positioning conditions, which takes hold of the flap position table :


This is where you will be able to manage the positioning of the shutter according to the position of the sun.


Little tip the site which allows, once your address entered, to see the position of the sun (and therefore the azimuth and elevation angles) according to the hours of the day (just drag the small sun at the top)


Here you can see the positioning plans of the shutter made in the Agenda planning


You can add “mode” commands, the command name will be the mode name.


The plugin has a desktop and mobile management panel to activate it just go to Plugins -> Plugin management, click on the pane management plugin and at the very bottom right of ticking the boxes to display the panel desktop and mobile

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