Docker installation


Please note, we assume here that you are already familiar with Docker

Docker installation

Docker is now available on all recent distributions. To install it on a distribution

yum install docker
apt-gand update
apt-gand install

Installing a Jeedom image

Image installation :

docker pull jeedom/jeedom:V4-stable

Then launch the :

sudo docker run --name jeedom-server --privileged -v /opt/jeedom/www:/var/www/html -v /opt/jeedom/db:/var/lib/mysql -p 9080:80 jeedom/jeedom:V4-stable

With :


It is possible that after launching docker does not return your hand, nothing serious you can close everything jeedom will continue to run

Then you need to install Jeedom by going to : IP_DOCKER:9080


You can see the dockers turning docker ps to stop jeedom-server for example you just have to do docker stop jeedom-server, to revive it docker start jeedom-server

For the rest, you can follow the documentation First step with Jeedom

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