Jeedom can be installed on different hardware components :

You can also buy a ready-made box with Jeedom preinstalled which also contains a service pack (more support and services) and plugins offered :

Here is a “typical” configuration to get started with Jeedom in Z-Wave :

  1. Raspberry pi 4 :

A total of € 125 for an open source home automation box with complete control over its installation.


It is possible to add or change by an Rfxcom antenna, or an enOcean key.


Jeedom is software that is and will remain open source, its use is completely free and does not depend on a cloud or a subscription. However, some plugins that increase the capacity of Jeedom or its use may be chargeable and may need an internet connection. You can find the list of plugins here.


Service pack ? What is it ? You can see here the advantages of service packs.


I want to install Jeedom :

Once the installation is done, do not forget to consult the documentation First step with Jeedom

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