Installation on a physical machine

The purpose of this documentation is to describe the installation of jeedom on a physical x86-64 machine (type Intel NUC)

Automatic installation

Download the jeedom iso here.

Burning on USB key

You can use the UNetbootin tool (downloadable here ).

Once launch :

Then you just have to booter on the USB key. Motherboards generally have 2 boot modes : UEFI (most recent, the default choice) and BIOS (the history). We recommend that you take BIOS (the option to change according to each motherboard and is not always easy to find, so we cannot give you a general procedure)


All the other options will result in error only the one described in this documentation and valid

Wait for the installation should take place on its own until the end


You absolutely need an internet connection during installation

Then you can follow the documentation First step with Jeedom

Manual installation

Once the OS is installed (Latest version of Debian preferred) follow this Documentation

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