Command line installation

Automatic installation

For an automatic installation, please follow the documentation corresponding to your type of system :

Manual installation

Here you will find the documentation to install Jeedom on Debian


Debian 10 (Buster) is the officially supported distribution for version 3.3.X or more of Jeedom (but Stretch remains perfectly functional). If you do not have a minimum command of Linux environments, we advise you to start with a Smart.


Installation script can be dangerous because it assumes your system is blank. If not, please read the script and install by hand.


To find out the IP of the VM (once connected to it, the identifiers are displayed on the connection screen) ip -s -c -h a

Connect in SSH to your system and do :

chmod +x

Then just go to IP_JEEDOM from your internet browser.


The default credentials are admin / admin


The following arguments can be used : -w = webserver folder -z = installation dependencies z-wave -m = desired mysql root password

./ -w /var/www/html -z -m Jeedom

Then you can follow the documentation First step with Jeedom.

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