Enedis Linky plugin

Plugin allowing the recovery of consumption of the communicating meter linky by querying the customer account Enedis. As the data is not made available in real time, the plugin retrieves the electricity consumption data from the day before each day.

4 types of consumption data are accessible :

You must have an Enedis customer account. The plugin retrieves information from the game professionals of the Enedis site, you must therefore check that you have access to it with your usual identifiers and that the data is visible there. Otherwise, the plugin will not work.


Plugin configuration

The plugin Enedis Linky does not require any specific configuration and should only be activated after installation.

The data is checked every hour between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. and updated only if not available in Jeedom.

Equipment configuration

To access the different equipment Enedis Linky, go to the menu Plugins → Energy → Enedis Linky.

To know
The button + Add allows you to add a new account Enedis Linky.

On the equipment page, fill in the’Login as well as the Password of your customer account Enedis then click on the button Save.

The plugin will then check the correct connection to the site Enedis and retrieve and insert in history :

Widget template

The plugin offers the possibility of displaying consumption data in a widget template imitating the appearance of a meter Linky. You have the possibility to select or not this template by checking or unchecking the box Widget template on the general page of the equipment concerned.

The template will be displayed on both desktop and mobile versions.

In desktop version, the information displayed on the widget adapts in size when resizing the tile.

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