Spotify Connect plugin

This plugin allows you to retrieve the status of Spotify Connect players and to control them through Jeedom.


Plugin configuration

Like any Jeedom plugin, the plugin Spotify Connect must be activated after installation.

Discovery of readers

Spotify Connect players are automatically discovered when in use. It is therefore sufficient to launch a media playback on the Spotify Connect equipment and to wait 30 seconds to see the player automatically appear in Jeedom.

You can also click on the button Synchronize the list of readers to force this discovery.

Polling frequency

In order to save a maximum of resources, the plugin uses 2 different refresh rates depending on the state of the Spotify Connect equipment :


We advise you not to modify these settings at the risk of seeing your Spotify account blocked for several tens of minutes due to a too high polling frequency..

Linking user accounts

The plugin allows you to connect to 2 separate Spotify Connect accounts.

To do so, all you have to do is check the box to activate the user and then save. Then click on the button Link to Jeedom on each user in order to establish the connection between Spotify and Jeedom.

Special case of Chromecast

It is normally not possible to launch a playback on a Spotify Connect device from the plugin (this is a limitation of Spotify) except for equipment of type Chromecast.

Spotify does not allow third-party applications to play on a Chromecast device, you must follow this procedure to retrieve the 2 necessary cookies (with Google Chrome browser) :


These cookies are specific to each user. It will therefore be necessary to repeat the operation for each of them by connecting each time to the Spotify account concerned.

Equipment configuration

Equipments Spotify Connect do not have specific parameters except for equipment of the type Chromecast who, remember, are the only ones able to control the playback of a media.

For this equipment, it will therefore be necessary to enter their IP address after making sure to have correctly entered the cookies expected in the configuration of the plugin (see paragraph Special case of Chromecast).


Chromecast equipment must be on the same local network as Jeedom.

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