DynDNS plugin

This plugin allows you to update a dynamic DNS service (dyndns, noip, duckdns,)

Plugin configuration

After downloading the plugin, you just need to activate it, there is no configuration at this level.


Equipment configuration

The configuration of Dyndns equipment is accessible from the plugin menu :


This is what the Dyndns plugin page looks like (here with already 1 device) :


Once you click on one of them, you get :


Here you find all the configuration of your equipment :

Below you find the list of orders :


Jeedom will check the external ip every 15 minutes, if it has changed then the DNS will be updated


The plugin provides a command to force the update. Be careful not to abuse it because you can be temporarily banned from the DNS service


If you use OVH, be careful the username is in the world form.com-identifier while the domain is in the form my-dynHost.mmondomaine.com

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